GRP double wall storage tank 40m3 on sale

The storage tank is diameter 3m and 6.5m high.
With included heating element from stainless steel 304 ...

 Why composites:

The advantages of composites

  • Lower costs of the plants and installations
  • Lightweight, with a weight one fourth that of steel (P.S. GRP 1.7kg/dm3 compares with 7.8 kg/dm3 of steel)
  • High resistance to corrosion of a great variety of chemical agents and temperatures exceeding 120C
  • Longlasting, with less maintenence and thus less halts of the plants
  • High mechanic resistance associated with low weight, with temperatures that vary between –40C and +220C
  • Translucent material which permits the control of liquid level in the tank
  • Electric isolation: thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.26 with consequent resistance to the galvanic corrosion and to underground drifting currents
  • Can be combined with thermoplastic materials
  • Easy repair in case of accidental breakage
  • Qualified for food product
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